Installation of panels mdf


Facing of walls with panels from MDF of TM Riko – the optimum decision for fast updating of an interior. tools and fasteners:

  • level;
  • roulette;
  • electric jigsaw;
  • mounting rail 20×40 mm;
  • dowels;
  • climbers with a tongue height of 3 mm;
  • 20 mm nails;
  • profiles: startup and universal;
  • liquid nails.


Preparation for installation of MDF of Riko TM panels


Using a level, apply markings to the wall. Using dowels, secure the horizontal lattice of mounting rails with a step of 50 cm on the wall and 30 cm on the ceiling. The lower and upper rails should be placed directly above the floor and under the ceiling .Install starting profiles at a floor and a ceiling. To measure height of a wall between starting profiles with a tape measure, to subtract for a remote backlash of 10 – 15 mm. To measure and cut off panels one by one. To begin work from a corner. Install the first panel with a ridge to the wall, leaving a compensation gap. Check its vertical location with a level. Put the staples on the back edge of the milled groove and nail it to the lattice. Insert the next panel with a comb into the groove, making sure that there are no gaps between them. To fix. Width of the last panel taking into account a compensatory backlash to cut off from a crest. To close internal and external corners with a universal profile corner, having attached it with liquid nails. This profile can be used as a cornice and a plinth, to apply for registration of apertures and joints of panels of different color. To remove assembly dust a damp cloth. Further care of MDF panels consists in damp cleaning. It is forbidden to water, use acid abrasive detergents.