PVC and MDF online calculator

Use our on-line calculator to determine how many wall / panel (PVC / MDF) you will need.

  • Get them to calculate: measure the room and enter the data in the cell of the calculator. The calculator automatically calculates the amount of cladding material per room by subtracting the area of ​​window and door openings.
  • The program performs calculations without taking into account possible waste. The calculator does not calculate the cost of the material. See the price for wall panels (PVC / MDF) in the catalog or check with the manager by phone.
  • To calculate the required number of MDF panels , select the following values ​​when using the calculator:

– In the “Panel width” field, select 148 (corresponding to panels with a width of 153 mm) or 189 (corresponding to panels with a width of 194 mm).

– In the “Panel length” field, select 2600 (mm).

How to calculate the number of required profiles for mounting panels?

RIKO mounting profiles are available 3 m and 6 m long , sold individually . The price is indicated for 1 running meter (m.p.). Start profile: it is necessary to sum up the height of the corners from which the installation begins. Plus, add the lengths of all the walls that meet surfaces made of other materials. Inner corner: sum the lengths of all the inner corners. Outer corner: sum the lengths of all the outer corners as well, perimeters of window and door openings (minus, lower side of door openings). Universal angle: sum up the lengths of all internal and external corners in the room, as well as the perimeters of window and door openings (minus, lower side of door openings) . Ceiling plinth: calculate the perimeter of the ceiling. To count the number of pieces of profiles , you need to divide the amounts obtained (in meters) by the multiplicity of profiles in m.p. (6 m or 3 m) and round to a larger value. For example , you get the number 26 m. The length of the profile is 6 meters. 26 m.p. : 6 m.p. (In 1 piece of the Profile) = 4 pieces. + 1 pc. Together, you can buy 5 pcs. profiles of 6 m.


Perimeter wall м
The height of the walls м
The width of the window м
window height м
The number of windows шт
The width of the door м
The height of the door м
Number of doors шт
The length of the panel мм
The width of the panel мм
The distance between
the profiles batten