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MD.015 Angle MDF universal «Amber Pine»

2600 mm
25x25 mm
3 mm
Liczba w opakowaniu, sztuk
10 szt
Ilość metrów bieżących w 1 sztuki
2,6 mb
Liczba mb w opakowaniu
26 mb
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Universal angle MDF

Angle "Amber pine" is a straight, flexible strip, consisting of two parts of the angle, connected by a finish-film of the same color and pattern as the panel "Amber pine". The design allows you to set the profile of the inner and outer corners of the parties, thereby protecting them from mechanical damage and hiding imperfections of installation. Combining MDF panels "Amber pine" and the angle of the same decor will add a refined and sophisticated look to your interior. Laminated angle MDF is set at the end of installation works with glue.

Angle MDF universal «Amber Pine»

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