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MD.020 Angle MDF universal «Oak Grand Grey»

2600 mm
25x25 mm
3 mm
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10 szt
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MDF profile

Universal angle - a special finish MDF profile, which is laminated with finish-film the same decor as the panel " Oak Grand grey". For a high-quality mounting of MDF panels you will need a special profile. This element will reliably protect the joint angle of the panels, the surface will give a complete and accurate view. It is used as an internal and external area, ceiling and floor moldings. For fixing angles to the wall, you must: apply mounting glue to the profile, and press firmly to the corner.

Angle MDF universal «Oak Grand Grey»

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Obliczanie liczby paneli

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Perimeter wall м
The height of the walls м
The width of the window м
window height м
The number of windows шт
The width of the door м
The height of the door м
Number of doors шт
The length of the panel мм
The width of the panel мм
The distance between the profiles batten м


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