RL 3033 Galaxy white

RL 3033
6000 mm
250 mm
8 mm
Number in a pack, pieces
10 pieces
The number of square meters in the pack
15 m.kv.
Select for decoration:
White and hologram
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Bath plastic panels photo

Funny sparks on PVC panels RL 3033 enliven the interior, by giving it a festive flair. The unique holographic technology helped to turn white plastic in bright galaxy. Look at the panel at different angles. Every time twinkling stars wink to you a new shade. Their cheerful lights decorate any room, give a good mood, invite to a journey through the endless expanses of this wonderful galaxy.

The walls, the ceiling in the bathroom with white panels Galaxy

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Calculating the number of panels

You can calculate the required number of PVC panels using our calculator.

Perimeter wall м
The height of the walls м
The width of the window м
window height м
The number of windows шт
The width of the door м
The height of the door м
Number of doors шт
The length of the panel мм
The width of the panel мм
The distance between
the profiles batten


номер телефона

135,10 грн./sq.m. tax incl.

produkt_how_much_1 sq.m.?


1 pieces



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