D 06.28 Mosaic

D 06.28
2700 mm
250 mm
8 mm
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White and hologram
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Plastic panels in the bathroom

Plastic panels for bathroom in the form of a mosaic is a traditional decoration of rooms for the reception of water treatment and swimming pools. Mosaic has been popular since ancient Greek baths. But her setting is time-consuming, expensive and ungrateful work. It would be better buy panels D 06.28 Mosaic and decorate bathroom within a couple of hours. The drawing simulating stacked in neat rows of translucent pieces of mica, are almost indistinguishable from the original. But at the same, the panels are very cheap. In addition, you can save money for their installation making this simple work by yourself.

The plastic on the walls and the ceiling in the bathroom

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Calculating the number of panels

You can calculate the required number of PVC panels using our calculator.

Perimeter wall м
The height of the walls м
The width of the window м
window height м
The number of windows шт
The width of the door м
The height of the door м
Number of doors шт
The length of the panel мм
The width of the panel мм
The distance between
the profiles batten


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121,90 грн./sq.m. tax incl.

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