Finishing panels of the kitchen

Finishing panels of the kitchen

The desire to save money, but to make the kitchen a comfortable and beautiful, often draws the attention of buyers to the careful selection of finishing materials. Plastic panels are often used in finishing work - both in bathrooms and kitchens. This is not surprising, because it is economical, durable and pretty good contact with the water. Finishing panels kitchen allows you to create in the kitchen beautiful and easily washable surface.

Plastic panels - a plastic strip length of 6 meters and a width of 10 to 25 centimeters. Plastic panels may be different colors, designs and sizes.
пвх на кухне

The panel is mounted on a wooden, less metal, frame and fixed profiles. The frame is made of wooden slats mounted vertically or horizontally, depending on how the panel will be mounted. The direction of the panels can vary. However, it can combine not only the direction but also the color of plastic panels. It's pretty easy.

If the walls of your kitchen even, you can do without the frame. Plastic panels as easily mounted on a special adhesive. In this case, you will need glue gun. The adhesive is applied to the indented three centimeters from the edge of the center panel and every twenty centimeters. Using glue, not the carcass structure, do not forget to make small gaps between the panels of a few millimeters. Subsequently, they will need to fill out the sealant.


• Water resistant
• Ease of installation
• Low cost


• Not resistant to mechanical damage
• Flammable

пластиковые панели на кухне

Obviously, the finishing panels cuisine - the most economical way to design an apron kitchen and the entire kitchen as a whole. In a variety of different colors and textures everyone can find what he likes and fits the mood and design kitchen. Besides, it is very important to any owner, panels are easy to clean.

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