RL 16 Angle PVC internal white Riko white

RL 16
8 mm
The number of linear meters in 1 piece
3/6 linear meters
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Inner Angle PVC white

When cladding adjacent walls with PVC panels you can have troubles with fastening in the corners of the room. Not esthetical gaps appear in these places. Inner angle is used for neat, fast and reliable fixation of cladding material. Profile is also used during the installation of window and door slopes. Available in four colors: white, beige, brown, alder.

Angle PVC internal TM "Riko" white for КутПВХвнутрішнійТМ "Riko" білийдлябудівельнихробітconstruction works

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Calculating the number of panels

You can calculate the required number of PVC panels using our calculator.

Perimeter wall м
The height of the walls м
The width of the window м
window height м
The number of windows шт
The width of the door м
The height of the door м
Number of doors шт
The length of the panel мм
The width of the panel мм
The distance between
the profiles batten


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